Legacy: The Series by Anthony Gonzales-Clark — Kickstarter

The story of one girl’s personal struggle between right and wrong, in a world of secrets and superheroes. What will her LEGACY be?

Inspired by some of the greatest stories, from manga to the big screen, LEGACY is a fresh take on the world of superheroes, seen through the eyes of Amber MacDonald, who has grown up keeping her family’s secrets, knowing that her aunt and uncle are among the world’s greatest heroes. It’s the secret they are keeping from her though, that will cause her entire world to crumble apart around her.

When she learns that her entire life is built on a lie, what will she do, and how will she react? All of the values she was raised to respect have now been called into question, and with her past coming back to haunt her in a major way, there is no escaping the truth about who she really is.

With the help of her friends, and her own newfound abilities, she will be forced to question everything. Will she become the next great hero, or a villain hellbent on seeking justice for the wrongs committed against her? With influences from both sides, she will ultimately be the only one who can decide the fate of her own LEGACY.

From the mind of Michael W. Mears II, and the hands of Anthony Gonzales-Clark, we bring you a story that we hope will give you a different perspective on the superhero genre. Not only will we explore the notions behind what makes someone good or evil, but we will also give you a look at how these people, with incredible powers actually effect the world around them, and how the results of their actions can potentially do more harm than the great powers they possess ever could.

Through our Kickstarter campaign, we are reaching out to YOU to help us bring our vision to life. We have the story, we have the characters, and we have the talent to deliver you something that will feel familiar, but will also make you think. Amidst all of the super-powered drama, we will bring you comedy, and a cast of characters that will have you begging for more!

Our legacy is just beginning, but with your help, it will continue on as Amber forges her own path to become the best version of herself. Whether she chooses to use her powers for good, or evil though… you’ll just have to keep following along to find out!